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Through paintings and sculptures Ida creates combinations of forms that are both symbolic and aesthetic. Works have an energy and distinction, a bold lyricism and a vibrancy relating to the city. This urban context is perhaps most apparent in her sculptural works, which incorporate items found by chance from the street or skip and usually taken from around the cities in which she is making the artwork. Scavenged and salvaged parts have a seeming need to retain or extract the essential, from the discarded remnants of contemporary culture. They retain a sharpness to them, even a violence, as they are left in their original forms, found by Ida on her rummages through piles of demolished and industrial detritus. Once taken back to the studio they become incorporated together within vibrant and visually inventive compositions, creating free-associations and suggestions between each other. Once exhibited, these sculptural forms often simply rest on the gallery floor almost suggesting our own finding of remnants of the everyday.

Other sculptures take the form of portals or gates, strikingly placed in the centre of spaces, but non-functioning in the facilitation of passing through or into a space. Instead the suggestion of moving from one place or state to another is made through the very positioning of such openings and gateways.

Ida has described her own work as having a certain poetic grammar – a movement of recurring line and meter, seen through her joining of a piece of waste material or scrap metal, a word in a poem or the placement of a paint stroke.

‘Painting to me combines expressions of rhythm, poetry, scent, emotion... It offers ways to articulate the spaces between words, and I cannot be concerned with its death, when working at it makes me feel so alive.’

Her paintings are gestural and colourful, building up layers of thick paint, next to scratches, stains and repetitive marks. Many aspects of Ida’s work are recurring, both in painted and sculpted forms like linear elements, looping twisting lines and knots repeating in paint and metal.

The audience is invited to observe contemporary life not in its traditional sense, but rather through Ida’s presentation of what is essentially human waste within her futuristic abstraction.


Ida Biography

Born Oslo, Norway 1980
Lives and works in Oslo


MSA, Los Angeles

MA, The National Academy of Art, Oslo

BA, The National Academy of Art, Oslo

Central St. Martins College of Art

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Greene Naftali, NYC
West London Projects, London

Poem Percussion, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen
Digging. Treasure, Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm
A Clothespin Left Behind on a Line, Herald Street, London
Entschlafen zum Hafen Glück und Leid Vergangenheit, Galerie Giti Nourbakhsch, Berlin

What Leaf? What Mushroom? New Jerseyy, Basel
A Woman Under The Influence, Annen Etage, Oslo
Febermalerier, Galerie Gaudel De Stampa, Paris

Silver Ruins, Fotogalleriet, Oslo

Selected Group Exhibitions

The 54th International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia
Prague Biennial 5, Prague
The Garden of Forking Paths, Migros Museum, Zurich
Manufacture, John Hansard Gallery, University of Southhampton
Manufacture, Parc Saint Leger, Pogues-les-Eaux
Host City, Kunstverein, Wolfsburg
LIAF, Lofoten International Arts Festival, Lofoten
You don’t love me anymore – or how to adjust to reality, Westfälischer Kunstverein, Westfalisher
Hysteria Laughter and a sense of seriousness, Karma International, Zurich

Goddesses, The National Musem of Contemporary Art, Oslo,
When A Tree Falls in the Forest, Sølyst Skulpturpark, Jyderup, Denmark
“Rotations # 2”, Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, Oslo
Les sculptures meurent aussi, La Kunsthalle, Mulhouse, France
The Pursuer, Greene Naftali Gallery, Nyc
Fade Into You, Herald Street, London

MOMENTUM 2009, 5th Nordic Biennial of Contemporary Art, FAVORED NATIONS, Moss, Norway
Younger than Jesus, New Museum of Contemporary Art, Nyc
Europäisch-Amerikanische Freundschaft, Gavin Brown's Enterprise, Nyc
O' Radical Modern Way of Life. Annen Etage, Oslo

Dark Continents, MOCA, Museum of Contemporarty Art, Miami
Good news for people who love bad news, Swiss Institute, Nyc
Background, PREUS MUSEUM, Norway
Medium Cool, Art in General, Nyc
Lights On, Astrup Fearnley Museum of Art, Oslo


Selected works from the exhibition

Installation view
Courtesy the artist and Herald St
©Ida Ekblad, 2011

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